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Puppy Training Package

The perfect early start puppy training is all about your dogs perfect manners and preventing future problems working with you to get you on the right path.

Remember when you bring your bundle of joy home on the first day is where it all begins  it takes a few days for them to settle in before little habits will start to establish. If you haven’t applied some simple manners by applying rules and boundaries, your bundle of joy will soon take over your household. 



It’s all achievable - and it’s really easy when you know how! 

A really important lesson to know is that manners is silent commands your dog learn to follow and understand you by using body language. Once your dog understands the rules and the boundaries set out, everything else becomes easy. 

I would love the opportunity to guide you & to be right at your side as you navigate the exciting adventure of raising a well adjusted Puppy!

Puppy Training Package Includes:

  • Perfect Manners

  • Basic Obedience 

  • Controlled Interaction

  • Puppy Recall

  • 1-1 Sessions 

  • Interaction Sessions 

  • And Fun all the way

Takes place at your home and local area, and public spaces for interaction real life training

Don’t wait till they come home start the conversation now.

I can give you advice on what you should be doing from day one, supporting you all the way.

Fill in the Contact form to enquire.

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