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Puppy Training

There are quite a few things to think about when buying and training a puppy. You may need help with some, or all the stages

I am a qualified trainer offering my full support, you won’t feel lost or alone. 

Puppy training is available in and around Derby, Spondon, Melton Mowbray and all of the villages in between. 

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Puppy Training through to Adolescent Training

There are so many things to think about when buying and training a puppy. It’s a lifelong commitment very challenging and not to be taken lightly. I am here to get you through the early days and stay with you during the adolescent months. You may need help with some, or all the stages below. I offer all the support you need at any stage in the process. You can start training your young puppies from as early as 10 weeks and continue up to and including the adolescence stage. It is a long process, like bringing a child up it takes time commitment and patience, from there your opportunities are endless. The early puppy training is all about your dog’s perfect manners and preventing future problems, working with you to get you on the right path. It’s all achievable - and it’s easy when you know how! Teaching manners to your dog is far easier than you think. By
giving you some helpful, advice and teaching you the technique. Is all designed to help you cope in your daily life with your dog. Knowing I am at the end of the phone at any time.

To make it easier for you to understand I have split the development of puppies into 5 stages. You can come into the training with your dog at any stage. This can be determined at your consultation to make sure that you both get the most out of your training sessions.

1.1 Buying your dog
When buying a new puppy, it can be challenging and often chosen for the wrong reason. I can give guidance and advice with buying the right dog, helping you to make choices which are right for your family and lifestyle.

1.2. Bringing your puppy home
Bringing your puppy home can be expensive, to save you unnecessary expense I can point you in the right direction by helping with the right training tools and saving you money on unwanted items. I can start to advise you on what you should to teaching your puppy at this stage, even if they are not home yet. I can prepare you for the things you need to understand to help their development, getting them ready for life at home, such as fear aversion, separation anxiety, crate and toilet training.

1.3. Basic Manners
The first few week’s teaching manners is by far the most important of all training; It starts from the moment your puppy arrives home. It is the foundation and the building blocks to a perfect relationship with your dog that you need to build upon. When you bring your beautiful bundle of joy home it takes a few days for it to settle into its new home. It appears to be as good as gold, butter wouldn’t melt. However, It is in unfamiliar surroundings and has no known family around it, It may be quiet and subdued. Once settled, the little habits start to establish, they come into their own. After a couple of weeks, you will need help! Training is much more difficult when bad habits are formed. If you don’t apply some simple manners by introducing rules and boundaries on day one, your bundle of joy will soon take over your household. Early puppy training also helps with obedience, agility or just a loving pet. It gives your dog perfect manners so you can take it anywhere and go in any direction you choose with your dog, so many opportunities are out there.

1.4. Basic Obedience
The next stage is where I teach the most important commands; Settle, Sit, Down, Short Stay, Early Recall, Focus Leave/Out. I teach you why “tell them once” is so important, and why interaction is not all about meeting every dog. It’s how you interact with your dog to make it want to be with you when there are so many other distractions around. You must be the most exciting thing in the park.

1.5. Adolescence
This final stage can start as early as 5 months and can last up to and beyond 15 months. Pick up the phone the moment they ignore you I will be there through this difficult teenage stage where they no longer listen to you and recall goes out the window. This is the hardest part, the most intensive, and the most important to help them come out the other side as well-mannered adults who you are proud of.
Don’t wait till they come home, start the conversation now.

I can give you advice on what you should be doing from day one, supporting you all the way. I would love the opportunity to guide you and to be right by your side as you navigate the exciting adventure of raising a well-adjusted puppy!

Early Puppy Training First visit is £90, further visits are £45 per hour

Want to get everything sorted in one go? Then book for our Full Puppy Training Package

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