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1:1 Training

Below you will find more details on why choosing a 1:1 session can be good for you. As well information on what to expect in a sessions. 


Why Choose a one to one over a group session?

Group classes are a fixed schedule normally running for six weeks which are prepared for all classes and all dogs following a strict weekly 1/1.5 hour schedule, whist not taking into account you or your dog’s training needs.  Some dogs and their owners require a little longer to work on techniques. 

Our One to one’s, are tailored to you and your puppy or dog. Through all stages of development, from puppy through adolescent and onwards. One to one training sessions give you 100% attention to you and your dog, providing training at the right pace for you both. Answering any questions at as and when they arise, we can go over anything you don't understand.  We allow you plenty of time to practice what you have learned before embarking on another session, very often one session is enough.

As a dog owner, you might have faced unwanted situations for example where your dog has started reacting, barking and possibly lunging towards other dogs/people and livestock on a walk, which is making walking stressful and unpleasant, or even chasing cars leaves and hoovers. You may be struggling with lead walking or a bad mannered dog that has suddenly stopped listening.  Your dog may be protecting objects or even you! You could have a dog that is fearful of people and you’re worried it may bite. Or you have rescued a dog from another country and you need to get them to trust people, and integrate them smoothly and safely into the family. Walks have become a chore not a pleasure.

No matter what breed your dog is or their background, if your dog shows signs of any issues that are causing you concern and is possibly out of your control, we can help you turn your issues to opportunities. We can help with all the above and so much more whichever issue needs addressing.  Then a one to one is the way forward for you.  Once your training plan takes off you will quickly see your dog transform before your eyes. 

What are the Benefits of One to One Dog Training?

There are a number of benefits of one to one allowing you as an owner to fix a date with us according to your busy schedules and time frames, the whole family can be involved which I feel is very important. (The training can be split into smaller bite sizes if the dog and owner needs and the dog’s learning ability). We can help with any training request including obedience.  Another benefit of a one to one is that I come to your home as your dog needs to be trained in its natural environment, and we get to see you and your dog’s true behaviour. This helps to identify the everyday at home areas of concern that your family faces with the dog that might not be apparent or addressed at a group class. 

Once we have completed the assessment we move on to your training needs in the home and places like your local parks, pubs and cafe’s so that your dog can adapt to the environment.

Why do we not get involved in group sessions?

We feel that in a group training session most dogs will perform very well until you have left the training location, then they return to their normal behaviours. A lot of this is due to you as an owner not understanding that the training should be applied at all times being 100% consistent, not just on the training ground. Which means you are giving your dog mixed messages.

For us it is all about working with you giving my undivided attention providing my full support during between and after your sessions, I am at the end of the phone helping you through your struggles. I work closely with you and provide your exact training needs without following a ridged schedule. This allows flexibility and at the same time, you can tailor your training sessions to meet your exact needs and requirements. 

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