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Group Training

Classes can start from the day of their first walk. You can bring your dog along for fun and great techniques, filling your toolbox with lots of training skills. All dogs have different leaning styles and abilities, you will get to know your dog inside out. To get the desired results from my classes you will need to listen, learn, be committed, and lastly be prepared to work hard at home.


1. Puppy Play time
This class is for very young puppies, giving them the best change to get on with other dogs in the real world. Teaching you and your puppy how to interact and play properly, how to behave around dogs and people, this class includes understanding body language and the first recall for puppies. This training will also help to avoid reactivity and interaction issues developing.

2. Total Recall
For those struggling with recall this lesson starts in the classroom, teaching interaction, how to be more important to your dog and focus. Once progress has been made we move into real-life scenarios developing a friendship and bond like no other.

3. Interaction Reactivity & Lead walking
This is the biggest problem that most people have, I think all three issues go hand in hand, once lead work is mastered the other two issues become easier to teach, that’s why I have linked them together. The results will enable you and your dog to interact safely around people and other dogs, giving you and your dog the confidence lead a normal life no longer having to compromise.

4. Basic Obedience
Teaching the skills you need to get your dog to complete basic commands, “tell them once” Giving you an understanding of what the commands mean and how not to confuse your dog by praise and treats at the wrong time.

5. Advanced Obedience
Extra commands for fun or if you’re looking to progress your dog into other skills.

Contact us NOW to book!

All classes are groups of 10 dogs
6 One-hour session over a 6-week period
I make time for questions and issues during the training
I work with you, and you can call me anytime with training related issues
£70 per block £20 Deposit balance payable at the first session

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