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The Life of a Dog Trainer. Bringing up a new puppy to have great manners.

Making the decision to have a puppy

Today the 14th January 2022 is the day my life changed as with most people who decide to take the plunge and bring a puppy into the world. I have taken on my new baby girl a solid black German Shepard my dream is to compete in the dog sports world of IPG.

I decided it might be interesting to take you through my journey, my daily challenges and how I deal with each day as it comes. We have a bumpy ride ahead.

The first few months are hard and you have to be committed. I have been planning this dog for over a year, but she came as a whirlwind on Friday I spoke to an old friend regarding a breeder today Saturday, I have a great dog with a champion Pedigree. It was meant to be.

Bringing the Puppy Home


Collected my girl this morning by the time we got home she was shattered out for a wee and bed, after a couple of hours we played some thunderstorms, lure and recall something I always say is one of the most important lessons in a puppy’s upbringing. I am hand feeding her to build a bond and to reduce the number of treats as early days includes a lot of persuasion and patience. I am taking her out every 30 minutes to ensure we have no accidents in the house.

All the above sounds so easy but she has just left her mum brothers sisters and family as she has known it for 10 weeks. It is a huge upheaval for her. We still have to be strong and set the ground rules and make sure they are followed, a puppy knows how to manipulate you.

First Night with the new Puppy

It is 4.00am and I got up to take her outside for the toilet, however she had an accident in her crate most dogs will not toilet in their crate, so this is very unfortunate, I have a lot of work to do to get her out of this habit.

It is now 5.00am and I am sitting in the other room waiting for her to wake up so I can take her straight outside if I go to bed I won't hear movement. I don’t advise you to sit up at night this is an exception. I am going to have to work hard on the toilet training a lot more through the night which is hard work for me that is the best way to get results.

5.30am and we have a wee outside I’m tired but happy we did the wee dance and straight back to bed, it is not over yet.

Looking forward to tomorrow. We are off out to take on the world, I have a sling to carry her in as she has not completed her vaccination course so she cannot go on the floor, but she has to get used to the outdoor world and she has to be welcomed into my world and just what I do daily.

First week with the new Puppy

  • The first week Kara’s first week is all about settling in a new house which brings new problems, not having her mum brothers and sisters around, is stressful in itself. I only introduce Kara to rooms one at a time start setting some boundaries. This will help with house training as well.

  • She was not left unattended. She goes in her crate, when I have jobs to do, cooking etc.

  • She needs a lot of sleep in these early stages I am getting up in the middle of the night to let her out for a wee, this only needs to be done a few days, maybe a week to 2 weeks maximum depending on a dogs ability to hold their toileting.

  • House training, crate training, and boundary setting.

  • Getting her used a different sound such as fire engines, thunderstorms and lightning fireworks and lots of other sounds dogs won’t hear very often it’s crucial to play to them before they are 16 weeks old, and play them regularly.

  • I’ve taken her out in a buggy around the streets and towns. We’ve been to the vets we’ve been to the pet shop we’re getting used to the outside world. She’s too heavy to carry that’s why I’m using a buggy I’m not some crazy Dog Lady. It is very tiring.

  • Even if you know what you’re doing. You still have to watch your puppy like you would a toddler. Like anybody with a new puppy or a new baby you feel sleep deprived it is not an easy task for anybody to undertake.


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