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Option 1 Early Puppy Package 8-20 weeks

Early start training option 1

  • 2 hr
  • 180 British pounds
  • Clients own location

Service Description

Early Puppy Training Package:​ It’s scary bringing a puppy home. There is so much to teach before you even consider basic obedience things some people don’t realise have a massive impact on your dogs behaviour over time. I am here from day 1 to guide you through those times. * First steps (visit 1) * Basic manners, toilet, create, biting, chewing, fear aversion, stealing, settle adequate rest time, lure, first steps to recall, I will teach you how to handle your puppy, preparing them for the vets grooming, nail clipping teeth cleaning.feeding. Introducing them to your family pets safely. And most importantly, keeping them safe. * How your dog fits into your lifestyle, including your hobbies (EG if you want to take your dog canoeing cricket or the kids' football, pubs, etc, it starts, here not when they are older. * All puppies are different they are developing every day, learning new things, and any new concerns. I am at the end of the phone between training sessions to reassure and guide you. * Next steps (Visit 2) * Controlled interaction, playing safely, lead walking, next level recall, impulse control, basic commands, focus trick training for the kids helps them feel included. Anything you want to teach your dog, I will help and guide. * Dogs learn at different levels. Some dogs learn very quickly, and some dogs take time, just like people I teach all dogs baby steps do not rush them. Give them time to understand We never put pressure on to our dog to learn. * Final steps the adolescent stage (Visit 3) * Going over what you have learned, making sure you're on track , once your dog becomes a teenager (if you have will understand) * Recall will be non-existent if there is something more interesting than you. * Your dog may have switched off and is not listening anymore. And is pushing its boundaries This can happen at any age from around 4 months to 1 year. If you have followed everything we did, then your dog still goes through it but less intensely. As soon as this happens. This is the time to call me. * All my training includes fun, fun, and more fun getting results building relationships. If you have any questions at all give me a call or email

Contact Details

K7@K9T - K9Komfortz, The Green, Hickling, Melton Mowbray, UK

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